Canadian American School branch in Bonifacio Global City

Active Fun Building
9th Avenue corner 28th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 
 Completed 2019
In the 530 square meter branch of Canadian American School in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig,  abstracted trees form a canopy around each age group, creating a figurative park.    
A long corridor stretches from the entrance to the entire length of the space, with Faculty and other core spaces on one side, and on the other, access points to the park of abstracted trees where students will learn.
Each abstracted tree grows from a wrap-around bench at its base with a trunk of wrap-around shelves that sprout the branches that radiate to form the suspended ceiling.  Above the ceiling, the floor slab and utilities are painted matte-black.  The continuous floor-to-ceiling ribbon of windows at the perimeter is provided a safety barrier in the form of a continuous bench-and-back-rest installed where there are windows.  The proximity of the perimeter bench to the wrap-around tree benches creates opportunities for a teacher to gather students for story-telling.

YouTube walk-through video