Chapel of the Bisita ng Santo Cristo, Pulilan (in progress)

Pulilan Regional Road corner Rizal Street
Pulilan, Bulacan



The project will give a new home to the exceptional "imahe" or sculpted image of Christ on the cross, chronicled to have impacted generations of devotees.  The significance of the old chapel bell in the narrative of this place informs the prominence of the bell tower,  rising in the landscape to draw attention to this place and in particular, to the “imahe” that looms over the altar table.  

The “imahe” is housed in a glass-fronted enclosure that rises over the altar table and anchors the curved altar wall that in turn anchors the circular opening of the second floor.  Behind the  “imahe” enclosure is an upper “vitrine” chapel that can be accessed separately from the main chapel.  

On the second floor, within the glass block bell tower, the old bell will be housed, in the intersection of the vertical axis of the bell tower and the horizontal axis of the “imahe”.

The tall ceiling hovers over both the community that gathers in worship in the main chapel space as well as the individuals visiting the small upper chapel for their private devotion.